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Birthday Report 2012

So, yesterday was my birthday. What did I do? Not much, per sé.

I woke up around the usual time, and got up to go to work. After the morning ablutions and eating breakfast while browsing the newspaper, I opened the two cards from spross and Tammy. Both were quite nice cards, with Tammy's having a humourous theme to it that was based somewhat on our card games in recent months on Sunday. The weather was boiling hot, as per usual on my birthday in July, and was going to be a scorcher in the 320C range. Ho, hum, just another Ottawa July day.

I got in to work with no difficulty at all, not a lot of cars on the roads that morning, and work started off rather well with almost nothing on my desk demanding my attention, other than the usual paperwork and the curent project that I'm working on. I received a couple of birthday cards, including one from Donna with a distinctly dinosaur/Primeval theme to it, and got on with work. As noted in a couple of other blog entries (specifically that one and this one), the folks at work had bought me a prezzie and there were blackforest cupcakes (!!) for my birthday treat as well. Not that my fellow co-workers minded those at all, oh no! :)

Once work was over, I headed home for a bit of a rest and relaxing time and all. I decided that I needed to soak my infected toe in a nice little bit of tepid water and Epsom salts, and did that. While sitting, I read a little bit from my current book read, and just relaxed. The toe felt much better, too. :)

Around 6:00 pm, Kathy (with Ellie), Nick, Tom, Joanne, Angela, David, and a few of their friends arrived at my place in several vehicles, and we went out to dinner for my birthday. They took me out for dinner to The Keg Steakhouse and Bar out on Hunt Club, and we had a lovely dinner, with lots of good food, better conversation, and a bit of wine. (Yes, I indulged in a small amount of the grape. Hey, it was my birthday, and I'm entitled to alcohol one day per year, so what better day than my birthday?) I had a lovely 6 oz. steak, with mashed potatoes, a side salad, and some grilled mushrooms, and though the others engaged in some dessert, Kathy, Ellie, and I didn't have dessert. Between the cupcake at the office and some of the cake I'll be having on the weekend, I just didn't feel like getting carried away at dinner that night. We were at the restaurant for a good two and a half hours, and so after dinner, Kathy dropped me off at the house, and she and Ellie hung around for another forty minutes or so, and then they took off.

By the time I got to bed, it was close to 11:00 pm or so, and I was quite tired after the day. My mom had been by the house while we were out, and she had left me the birthday cards from her and my sister (who had been in Ottawa the week before), and I opened those. Lovely cards, both of them, humourous (from my sister) and a serious Son card from my mom. The house was still pretty hot from the scorchy day in the city, so I left the fan on in the bedroom overnight, and I slept relatively well.
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