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Desolation RPG Play on a Friday Night

Last night, the Friday night gaming group met up for gaming once more, and again, as this is the month when Nick Roberts, one of the players in the group, runs a game, I got to play. Yesss!!! :)

As noted in a couple of earlier blog entries, Nick is running the Desolation rpg of post-apocalyptic fantasy, and I had a lovely time in the game. I'm playing the character of Sakhut of Ridge River once more, and the Mongrel Primalist such as he is is one of my favourite characters of all the ones that I've created over the years and that I've gotten to play.

I finished eating supper on Friday night, and then cleaned up the dishes from the meal while waiting for the Friday gamers to arrive. The evening was still pretty hot and humid, so I had the air conditioner running - and it makes a bit too much noise at times, but better to be cool and collected than hot and irate and all that stuff. Once Nick arrived with the others, we got down to gaming. Since the last game session had involved a bit of character creation and some sample combats, he was able this week to get straight into the scenario that he had planned.

We started off in a series of ruins near a small community called Redfields, investigating several disappearances of children from the community, and found ourselves assaulted by several of the less...enjoyable threats in the world of Scondera, scab rats and carrion reapers. We managed to avoid the scab rats, barely, but since carrion reapers are usually a sign of Warlanders in the area we kept alert, though to be honest, Joanne's scout had a few perceptual problems (i.e., seriously failing a roll or three) and we got ambushed by a small group of Warlanders. The fight was a pretty savage one, but with a bit of Primal Magic and some good swordplay, we were able to kill all but two of the Warlanders, who fled. They didn't know about the missing children, so we realised something else was going on. We searched the ruins, but didn't find much other than some tattered clothing that one of the Redfielders in the party identified as belonging to one of the missing children. Joanne's scout found a bit of a trail, so we followed that and it led us away from the ruins, and into a series of hills with small, volcanic vents. Needless to say, the rest of the game session went rather well, and we had a good time of it, though I got seriously hurt by one of the flamells (sort of fire elemental type creatures that are native to the volcanic vents), and had to be healed by Angela's character.

Had a good game, and rather enjoyed myself in it. Nick told me that he's having a good time running Desolation, and that it's pretty easy to run the game, though there is a lot of stuff that one has to remember when behind the GM Screen. Tell me about it!

We broke up for the evening around 12:25 am, and I managed to do some of the dishes from the evening's snacking and drinking before heading to bed. Quite satisfied and happy with the game, and love the fact that I'm getting to *play* in the game! :>
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