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A Soak Before Gaming

Just getting ready for the afternoon with the Sunday gaming group.

I'm going to go soak my foot and read a little bit of a Primeval RPG manuscript before the folks start arriving for the afternoon game.

spross will be bringing some Subway sandwiches with him for our lunch today, and we've also got some of the Black Forest cake to eat during the afternoon break, so I'm looking forward to that. spross will be running the Desolation rpg this afternoon, although he's going to have to help Doug re-create his character somewhat, so I'm not sure how much gaming we'll actually do this afternoon. Still, I am rather looking forward to the afternoon of gaming, since I'm getting to play rather than run the game, so we'll see how things go.

Now, I'm off to soak my foot.
Tags: black forest cake, desolation rpg, feet, gaming hut, personal, play, primeval rpg, rpg chat, sunday gaming group, toe infection

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