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Morning Work and Some Shit

What a glorious, beautiful morning it was out there! Around 160C with nary a drop of humidity, a slight breeze, and lots of glorious sunshine. Unfortunately, now I'm inside working. *sigh*

Got in to work this morning to find a mountain of paperwork from the end of last week sitting on my desk. Donna apologised to me profusely for doing this to me, but there was some additional stuff that the (new) boss wanted in that paperwork, and so I've been slogging away at this since I got in at 7:15 am.

The only other news to report is that I stopped off at the local DynaCare clinic to drop off the stool samples that needed to be done. The problem was that up until last night, I hadn't gone to the loo in about a day and a half or so, and I finally was able to take care of business (and the samples). All I have to say is that it's a messy business. So now I just have to wait until the results of the stool tests, and then see where I go from there.

In the meantime, back to the shit on my desk.
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