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Feet Memo

Dear Person to Whom I'm Attached,

While it is true that new shoes have to be worked in by wearing them, be advised that you should not have done this with these new shoes on a day when it was 320C outside with a humidex of 380C, you had to go to work for seven long hours, and then you had to take your mother grocery shopping for two hours.

Wearing new shoes in should be conducted in reasonably comfortable weather, when one does not have to do a lot of walking and/or driving the car, and wearing a relatively light pair of socks. Your aching feet are now pretty angry at you, and you had better hope that you have not wrecked the toes and feet in question even more than they were already wrecked.

Soaking your feet in Epsom salts you will now be doing. Please.

Btw, lovely shoes these L.L. Bean's are, too! :)

With love,
Your Feet
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