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Catching Up with Palaeo News IV

A bit of time on my hands at the moment, so I figured I would catch up on the news of the world of palaeontology again.

First up, an exceptionally well-preserved fossil hints that feathers might have been a feature of all dinosaurs.

Rise of the Feathered Dinos

The whole business with the feathered dinosaurs has gotten Brian Switek thinking that

I'm Tired of Seeing Naked Dinosaurs

Reverse Jurassic Park, wherein raptors consider the bones of Homo Sapiens:

The Reverse Jurassic Park (Starring the Realistic Raptors)

A sneak peak at a new dinosaur at the Argentine Museum of Natural Science in Buenos Aires.

A Sneak Peak at a New Dinosaur

Why the world must ignore

The World Must Ignore"

Brian Switek tackles the question of dinosaur feathers once more, and what the fluffy Sciurumimus in his Dinosaur Tracking blog at the Smithsonian site.

Did All Dinosaurs Have Feathers?

Life on a Mid-Cambrian morning:

Life on a Mid-Cambrian Morning

Ceratopsid turnover... A new study looks at turnover among dinosaur megaherbivores in Cretaceous Canada.

Megaherbivourous Dinosaur Turnover in the Dinosaur Park Formation of Alberta, Canada

The weird, feathery Therizinosaur walked in the Arctic, and will definitely kill your childhood image of what a dinosaur is.

On the Trail of a Weird Dinosaur

There are hundreds of dinosaur genera left to be discovered. Will we ever find all of the dinosaurs?

Will We Ever Find all of the Dinosaurs?

Palaeobotanist Regan Dunn explains how fossil plants help us understand our changing planet.

How Fossil Plants Help Us Understand Our Changing Planet

Here's the first round of the Dinosaurs vs. Aliens comic-movie-tie-in that's coming:

Round 1 of the Dinosaurs vs. Aliens Throwdown

A liquor store receipt may help police track down the lowlifes that smashed an irreplaceable dinosaur skeleton

Suspects Identified in Dinosaur Vandalism Case

And I think that I am now up-to-date on this stuff.
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