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Weekend Wrap-Up

Had a relatively calm, pretty easy weekend.

Saturday consisted of doing pretty much nothing. I went out early and did some grocery shopping, and got back just in time to watch the morning's episode of Legion of Superheroes on Canada's YTV station (the third episode of the first season, since we're behind here in Canada on the series; spross gets the WB network down in the U.S., so he taped the first episode of season two of the series for me). Did a bit of laundry, had some lunch, and then Steve came by after work, and helped me fruitlessly search through my storage cupboard for some of The Dying Earth rpg stuff that I had hoped would still be there; it wasn't. :(

With nothing on television Saturday night, I sat back, relaxed with hot drinks (primarily herbal tea), and watched the final batch of episodes on the Grey's Anatomy Season 3: Seriously Extended set of DVDs. Good stuff, the outtakes and deleted scenes having some very interesting material in them. Did a little bit of work to prepare to run the Sunday group session of Hollow Earth Expedition, before crashing to bed for the night around midnight.

Woke up Sunday feeling somewhat worse for the wear from the viral infection, but a hot breakfast with coffee helped out with that, and felt pretty normal by the time gaming time rolled around. Steve and Tammy showed up on time for gaming, and while I felt relatively all right, my voice was a bit raspy by this point, so spross ended up running the game. Well, actually, he didn't as Tammy didn't have a character for the Hollow Earth Expedition game that Steve was running. I figured it would take half an hour or so for Tammy to create the character, but I should have known better. However, Steve didn't really post all that much about this in his blog, so check his journal entry such as it is. (However, I admit that part of it was my fault, too.) The good news is that during the time it took to create Tammy's character, I plotted out the basics of a new HEX scenario. :)

After they had left for the evening, I settled in for a simple stir fry supper. Nothing fancy, just some chicken, green and red peppers, onions, mushrooms, and bean sprouts. Very nice and simple. Turner Classic Movies had a good night of stuff on, and I watched Forbidden Planet, War of the Worlds, and The Time Machine, although spross reminded me half-way through it that Race to Mars was on. I missed that, but he taped the later airing of it for me (good fellow that Steve Ross guy!), so I'll get to see it hopefully before next Sunday's finale. Wrapped up the evening with a bit of reading, and then crashed for the night.

I really wanted to game on Sunday, and am somewhat miffed about the fact that we didn't get to play, but such is life. Feel somewhat better today here at work, and my voice is doing fine. A bit of coughing and the like, but not as bad as it's been. So we'll see now the rest of the day goes. Anyway, back to the work at hand.

Note: I have edited this entry at 2:42 pm to reflect the fact that Steve has a little bit in his blog about the whole business with Sunday's game.

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