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Hot Saturday Morning Thoughts

Another hot, scorching day shaping up in the Ottawa valley. I have to say that I'm not really enjoying this weather, when one adds the humidity to the mix, and that I'm feeling out of sorts pretty much all of the time.

My plans today are to take it relatively easy this morning and afternoon, though I'll need to go out and get some fixings for tonight's supper. I enjoyed the stir fry that I made for supper last night so much, that I plan to do another one (with some different ingredients) tonight, as cooking in the oven is just not where it's at in this weather.

I plan to do a little bit of reading and the like today, and do some work on both the a|state and Primeval rpgs this afternoon and evening.

Last night's game of Desolation was quite enjoyable, and I thought that Nick did a really good job running the game. I'll blog about this today or tomorrow, when I get a chance. For now, a nice cold glass of water, methinks.
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