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Desolation RPG Play on a Friday Night III

As noted in this blog entry, I promised that I would update folks on the play of the game on Friday night.

The Friday night game is currently being run by Nick Roberts, and he continued the Desolation rpg adventure that he's currently running on the gaming group. Here's the entry on the previous session, for those who are interested. Continuing on...

One of our party was able to eventually communicate with the flamells, and we learned that they were not responsible for the disappearance of the children, though they knew that they had been taken by tall, grey-skinned creatures (they couldn't identify them, as all humanoids look alike to them <g>). Ww figured they were either goblins or hobgoblins, but weren't sure which, though we continued to follow the trail after I was healed and had recovered a bit. We came to the edge of a fertile area, and found ourselves confronted with a somewhat... mutated forest. Suffice to say, we travelled into the forest, since this is where the trail appeared to lead (and there was actually a trail to follow, which I thought odd, but...), had a couple of encounters with forest fishers and a slightly mutated forest cat of some sort, and then found a gruesome sight - the bodies of several children, mounted on poles (as a warning device or territorial marker)! Kathy and Angela's characters couldn't leave them strung up like that, so we released them, and buried them in a cairn. I noticed that we were being watched by several carrion reapers, and pointed this out to the others; interestingly, the reapers didn't try to attack us or the bodies...odd that, too. We camped for the night on the edge of the forest, though our ex-Legionnaire thought this was a bad idea. The game session ended with our sentry on duty, Kathy, waking the rest of us up... the camp was being watched by some humanoid creatures with glowing eyes, and there were spear points visible!

Needless to say, I had had a good game and quite enjoyed myself. Nick said he's still having a wonderful time running Desolation, and that he was glad that I could help him out with a couple of the rule calls during the fight with the flammels during the game. We broke for the evening around 12:15 am, I managed to clean up the place a bit before going to bed, though I was quite exhausted and annoyed by the fact that the temperature was still in the high 20s Celsius even at that point.

Looking forward to next Friday's session. :) As I said in the earlier post, I love the fact that I'm getting to *play* in this game! :)
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