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Playing Desolation on a Sunday Afternoon III

As noted in a recent journal entry, I promised to blog today about Sunday afternoon's gaming session.

spross continued to run the Desolation that he had started a couple of weeks ago (see this blog entry for more on last week's session). Doug was not available to game, as he's gone on holiday for a couple of weeks, so it was just Tammy and myself playing the game.

As it turned out, the Weave storm was a pretty weak one, with just a few stray lightning bolts here and there, but it turned out the barn and the hut were both taken out. Neither Heather Greyfalls (Tammy) nor my own Tesro Haldane were around to see that, as I panicked (a botched roll) and decided that I'd be safer out in the vineyard, 'cause everyone knows that lightning won't strike an individual in the open, and Heather (for reasons of her own) decided to join me. Suffice to say we found the vineyard intact with growing grapes (they were magical, and I got slightly inebriated but my raccoon injury also completely healed), and found what appeared to be the ruined, but still intact, main house of the family that once owned the vineyard, with several outbuildings nearby. Heather and I explored a little bit, once the rest of the characters had joined up (Doug's Moranis had been somewhat injured and needed a place to rest, and the others were a bit ragged other than the guide), and I took her back to the main etnrace of the house where I had seen the skeleton, and we checked that out.

The game went pretty well I thought, and I had a good time. Tammy and I had a few laughs, and we completely de-railed spross's plans when I botched, and headed for the vineyards. He had to do some major improvising for the whole sequence, and other than one or two glitches and the typical hesitancy and indecisiveness that Tammy and I have come to expect from him, I thought spross did a good job, though he hasn't quite learned to think on his feet when he's running like this. And I know Tammy and I definitely threw him for a loop.

Doug won't be out next session again, so we'll see what happens when SteveR runs next week. In the meantime, like I said it was a good afternoon and I'm just enjoying the playing of the game.
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