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Feeling Out of Sorts

Wednesday morning. Hump Day, as they call it during a work week.

I have to say that I'm glad that Wednesday has arrived, and that the work week is just about done. To be honest, I've had a hell of a week. (And I want to emphasise the "hell" part of it, but don't have the energy.)

As most folks know, the weather here in the Ottawa valley (among other places) has been scorchingly hot over the last two or three weeks. In oh-so-many ways, I feel somewhat beat up by the weather over the last litle while, as I don't tolerate heat all that well, especially when it's combined with humidity as it has been here. I've been feeling like I've been run over by a semi, have not been sleeping all that well ('cause of the heat and humidity, even at night) and just feel washed out, exhausted, and totally under the weather.

I've not been doing a whole heck of a lot the last little while, as I've just been exhausted and all, and my brain just doesn't feel functional. And that's also been a problem here at work, that my boss has commented on.

No idea what's going on with me, but I hope it ends soon.
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