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Abney Park CD Arrived, and Thoughts

Came home yesterday to find a pleasant arrival in my snail mail box.

My long-awaited copy of the new Abney Park CD, Ancient World, finally arrived from the Abney Park Marketplace. I say "long-awaited" because I ordered the CD at the start of June and was billed for it back then, and even though a packaged and ready to ship e-mail was sent to me on the 4th of June, the CD never arrived. I sent off a couple of e-mails to the folks at the Abney Park Marketplace (they're good folks, btw, and tend to respond pretty quickly to stuff), and it looks like the CD was finally shipped on July 9th, arriving about nine days later. Good shipping time to Canada.

How's the CD? Much more electronic sounding than I was expecting from Abney Park (though if you've heard the early stuff from the band, it was much more electronic than what's on Ancient World), but pretty interesting in some respects. I really like "Scupper Shanty", "Ancient World", "Terrible Affliction", "Tricked the Machine", and "Automaton" off the album, but to be honest, it's not the best Abney Park material I've heard.

It does, however, make me wonder what the next album will be like.
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