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IDing those Dinosaurs

As noted in this blog entry and that blog entry, I had picked up some dinosaur miniature figurines, possibly to use for the Primeval RPG that I will be running in the near future. spross finally took some photos of the dinosaur figurines that I now have, and I figured I would post them up here.

I figured that I would run a trivia contest here, and see how many of the types of dinosaurs folks can correctly identify from the photos that I'm presenting here. I thought I might make this a prize contest of some sort, but have no idea what prize to offer folks for correctly identifying the most dinosaur miniatures here. If anyone has any ideas, please drop me a line in the Comments about that.

Meanwhile, to the dinosaurs...



So, how many of the dinosaurs can you correctly identify? :)

(And by the way, I really hate the new formatting for graphics that LJ is using, as to be honest, I didn't want to shrink these down otherwise folks might not be able to see enough detail on them.)
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