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Monday Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning pretty groggy, having slept somewhat poorly Sunday night.

The diarrhea complaint that I'm suffering once more continues unabted, though I did make it through Sunday evening with one one run to the bathroom, so that was good.

Another scorching day here in the Ottawa valley, with a humidex advisory out. Not looking forward to being outside when I must be and all that. :(

spross ran the Desolation rpg scenario that he was running again yesterday, and I'll be blogging about this later on today, but it ended somewhat unsatisfactorily, and he's decided that he won't be running next week, though he will be running a playtest of the Laundry RPG scenario that he's running at GenCon Indy within the next couple of weeks.

I managed to catch the latest episode of the Continuum tv series last night on Showcase Canada, and it was a rather good one, with several interesting twists and turns. I'm rather enjoying the show so far, though I have my reservations about it. My biggest disappointment in the show is that despite the time travel elements of the first few episodes, it appears to take place in an alternate reality, but I may be mistaken about that. Anyway, I'm still enjoying the show, and that's all that counts, right? :)

Meanwhile, back to the work grind.
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