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Playing Desolation on a Sunday Afternoon IV

Just on my coffee break, so... As promised in this morning's earlier post, I will now report on the Sunday afternoon game session.

spross continued to run the Desolation rpg game adventure that he's been running, this time out being his fourth consecutive game session. You can read about the previous game session in this entry. Once more, Douglas was absent as he's off on a bit of holidays, so it was just Tammy Powers and myself playing in the game.

Tammy and I continued where we left off, with Heather (Tammy) and Tesro Haldane (my character) continuing to explore a bit in the entryway to the manor/manse that we were at. I advanced on the door to what turned out to be a cloakroom, that was slightly ajar, and ended up fighting three opossums. I used the torch and cooked two of them (thus giving us some food, animals (and humans, for that matter) having Nutrition Value), but the third one skittered between my legs and fled into the main house. Heather (Tammy) had found some footprints, and was able to identify some of them as recent, but it was the arrival of one of our allies, Tam the hunter/guide (an NPC), who confirmed this, and that the prints of the men (most likely) who preceeded us were recent, made within the day or so, and led into the main house. We decided to camp with the others in our party, and explore the manse more by daylight.

I won't go into too much detail, but Heather and I teamed up the next morning, and found a couple of wooden tables in excellent condition that I could salvage, and she managed to lower one of the chandeliers in the ballroom and acquire some 35 candles from the chandelier. The two of us were attacked by a pair of wolverines, and while she disposed of hers easily enough with a staff, it took me a bit longer to kill the other one (with lots of blood in the area!) with my hand axe.

After that, it was close to 5:00 pm, and spross decided to stop the game for the day. When asked, he decided that he had had enough of running the game, and was perfectly prepared to have me start running again next week (the 29th of July). I suspect that in some ways Tammy was relieved that he had finished running, since...well, I'll just leave that thought to hang, and if she wants to comment on it here in the blog Comments, that's fine by me.

When it comes right down to it, I can't say that spross did a totally piss poor job running the Desolation game, but it was far from good. He didn't prepare to run the game properly, despite having good advance notice, and he tried to run the game "on a wing and a prayer" every week, and even if you do it that way, you still have to have an idea of a) where you're trying to take the game, and a goal and b) prep a few beasties and the like and a planned encounter here and there during the breaks of seven-day reality between the game sessions. I've pretty much said everything I intend to say on the subject of his running the game (as I've commented on this in the previous blog entries on the subject), but I am glad that he GMed and that I had the break for the month (almost).

That said, I hope that he decides to run again in the near future, as I really liked having the gaming break for the month of July.
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