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Wednesday Morning Illness

As most of the followers of my blog know, I've been feeling out of sorts for quite some time. This morning, that has hit an all-time low for the current year, methinks. (Other than having various scopes put into my body, of course.)

I had some celery soup last night with supper, and within moments I felt like I had dislocated the jaw on the left side of my face, with the pain radiating out from just below the ear. I could see that I was a bit swollen on that side of my face, but not much. The pain and inability to bite down properly was not totally disabling, though I felt odd on the bottom of my left side of the mouth.

This morning, I woke up around 4:30 am with a coughing fit, and I've been hacking and coughing from my chest and have a sore thought, blocked nasal passages, and lots of phlegm. It persists even now, and I'm running a low-grade temperature. I feel like crap, and I called work and told them I was taking a sick day.

Still in my pyjamas, but thinking of taking a shower. Might even try and eat something for lunch. And in the meanwhile, I've called the doctor who's replacing my doctor while he's on vacation, and have an appointment to see him tomorrow.

That's it for now.
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