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A Friday Morning

Woke up this morning around 7:15 am, after having got to bed around 11:00 pm, but not falling asleep until some time after 12:30 am. Felt really uncomfortable last night, after having eaten nothing but some pieces of toast during the course of the day and still taking the diabetes medications.

The cramps this morning were somewhat intense, though with very little diarrhea (not unexpected, considering how little that I actually ate yesterday), and the left side of my face is still swollen. It was worse after I ate a light breakfast of two pieces of toast and some herbal tea, as it's really sore and achy to chew anything right now.

The coughing isn't too bad at the moment. I'm just feeling somewhat tired and run-down, but will take a nap or two this day, while I also am trying to avoid going into the kitchen and eating proper food. Not all that hungry, to be honest.

The plan right now is to game this evening with the Friday night gaming group. (If they want to do so.) I'm planning to playtest one of the two Primeval RPG scenarios that I'll be running at GenCon Indy 2012 this year, and I'm not feeling all that bad at the moment, other than the obvious.
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