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In a Foul Mood

I am in an absolute fury and bad temper.

Man was not meant to survive on pieces of toast with a bit of margarine, and tasteless, low-salt chicken/beef/vegetable broth for periods of time. Not to mention there's no protein in any of it! I'm always irritable when I don't eat enough, and to say that I've not been eating enough the last 30+ hours is a fracking understatement!!!

Except even if I want to chew some food, I can't 'cause it hurts because of the damned salivary gland infection!

Because this is what the *bleep! bleep!* doctor wants me to do to control the diarrhea. And it's NOT BLOODY WORKING!! I've still got the damn diarrhea, and the cramps are worse than they were!!
Tags: food hut, health hut, personal, rant

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