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A Bad Day

Today has not been a good day, health-wise.

I woke up this morning stuffed up, and hacking away, but thought I was feeling better after my shower. Went to work, but I have been coughing all day and have been somewhat short of breath, too, and have felt generally lousy for the most part, this despite the medication and stuff that I'm taking.

Got home from work a couple of hours ago, and just wanted to lie down and get some rest. Got a phone call from spross about some stuff he was doing for me, and that woke me up, but other than that have dozed and had a few cups of herbal tea and some more meds. There's stuff I should be doing around the house at the moment, but I just feel...exhausted and sick.

Just finished another cup of tea, had some energy to put some laundry on, and will make a light supper tonight. I'm going to try to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight, as it's the season premiere, but will tape it just in case I doze off or don't feel like watching it live. There are times I am really grateful for memorex, so to speak. :)

Gonna go back and lie down for a half hour or so.
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