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A Primeval RPG Scenario Playtest I

Gaming last night was...interesting.

The Friday night gaming group came out last night to help playtest the first of the two Primeval RPG scenarios that I'll be running at GenCon 2012, "Peril Beneath the Streets". Next week, Goddess willing, I'll be playtesting the second scenario, "The Infection Factor", with them.

To start with, the session last night was more of a re-familiarising myself with the "Peril Beneath the Streets" scenario rather than a strict playtest, as I've run this several times at conventions before. However, given my current health (which while not great, isn't totally dire at the moment), it was a challenge to run the game, simply because I'm not feeling 100%. And the players in my Friday gaming group have actually playtested this adventure before, back when I first wrote it up and ran it, so they have a degree of familiarity with the scenario as well.

While I'm not going to go into details about the adventure for obvious reasons, I will talk a bit about what occurred last night. Once the players showed up, I started with an introduction to the basics of the game, the game mechanics, and gave the players some time to familiarise themselves with their characters. The Primeval RPG game mechanics are really easy to get into, and the players gave me a couple of helpful suggestions on things that I might want to mention to the convention players that I hadn't thought of, and then we got down to the scenario itself.

The scenario itself went pretty well, with the main plot going down as it usually does. One of the characters ended up running down a tunnel with small dinosaurs biting at him from all angles, and screaming for help from the rest of the team; this is a scene that I'm very proud of in this adventure, as it works remarkably well every time I run this adventure, though which character is involved sometimes changes, as in this case, where I was somewhat surprised. As the players commented to me, this scenario has something for each of the characters to do, and that's important in a convention game adventure, for obvious reasons.

Overall, the run through of "Peril Beneath the Streets" went pretty well, offering one or two surprises, and I thought I handled the GMing duties well, despite my current condition. I found running the combat sequences a bit taxing, to be honest, as my head is a bit fuzzy, though both Nick and Joanne commented that they went well, even if the descriptive bits I was offering were lacking somewhat.

Looking forward to running the second scenario, "The Infection Factor", on the Sunday group tomorrow, and then reversing the two games next weekend. Should be interesting, to be sure. And I'm also glad that I'm getting a bit of a chance to run the Primeval RPG before actually going to GenCon.

Now, if the illness would just go away, and my head would be a bit clearer, I'd be very happy.
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