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Roleplaying 201, Part 2

As promised, here is the continuation of the material on my two roleplaying game groups. I've covered the Friday night group in an earlier journal entry, so this time out it's time to cover the Sunday afternoon gaming group. Oddly enough, I didn't remember a lot about how various players joined the Sunday group, let alone who has played over the years in the Sunday group. Much of the history here has been re-created with the help of Steven Ross, Tammy Powers, and Andrew Gravendick. To them, my thanks. :)

As noted in the previous entry on this subject, I moved back to Ottawa in 1986. The Sunday afternoon group got its start some time in mid-to late 1986, after I had come back to the city, but the group's membership has never been stable compared to that of the Friday night gaming group. The current incarnation of the gaming group consists of Steven Ross, Tammy Powers, and Andrew Gravendick.

I first met Steven Ross at Fandom II, the local rpg and hobby store. According to Steve we first met and discussed the super-hero rpgs of the time, and he was somehow convinced to join us at one of the Sunday afternoon rpg sessions. Steve joined a group that had at least three other players, two of whom were Trevor Scallen and Michael Richter. I met Andrew Gravendick through Steve some time in either 1986 or 1987 (can't remember exactly when). I should mention here that Andrew suffers from epilepsy, and while this has prevented him from gaming some weekends over the years, he has been someone that I like to talk to about all manner of subjects and topics. Andrew left the gaming group in early 1992, if I remember correctly, as his father had suffered a major stroke, and came back in 1996. As a matter of fact, he walked into Basilisk Dreams Books (the sf and fantasy bookstore I had just opened then), and was shocked to find me running it. He rejoined the gaming group, and has been playing with Steve, Tammy, and myself ever since. Tammy Powers' joining the group makes for an interesting story. I first met Tammy at CanGames (the local gaming convention here in Ottawa, which is still going strong, although it offers much less rpgs than it did in previous years) in 1991, when she played in a TORG: The Possibility Wars tournament that I was running (she was playing a realm runner whose jeep got speared... long story, perhaps another time, or Tammy can elaborate if she likes... :)). I met her again some time later (six to eight months?) through an advertisement for gamers that I placed at Fandom II, and she joined the gaming group, and has been with us through thick and thin ever since. Tammy tends to go up to the family cottage during the summer weekends, so as a result she games much less with us during the summer period.

As I mentioned, the Sunday night gaming group's membership has never been as stable as that of the Friday night group. In addition to the aforementioned Mike Richter and Trevor Scallen, there have been a bunch of gamers whose names I have forgotten, some of whom only played for a couple months, or even only one session. (Was it me, something that I said or did?) The only folks that come to mind are Mike and Trevor, of course, and there was Mark Voisin, a really good guy, who I remember fondly, and who actually ran some games that I got to play in the early 1990's). We also had an older lady, Gabby, whose last name I don't remember. She loved to argue with everyone else and was quite opinionated; the most memorable incident during her time gaming with us was in the Genesis sf rpg, when she killed Mark's character by "accidentally" blowing up his set of oxygen tanks. There was Greg McIntyre, whose gaming stay with us was short. The most memorable thing about Greg's time with the gaming group was in Arrowflight, where the group was being attacked in a narrow street or alley. Trying to be the group's leader, Greg's character shouted, "To me! To me!" - and then found himself swarmed over by the attackers as all the other characters had taken shelter! There was also Donald Fry, who only played with the group for about two or maybe three months, but who still remains a good friend of mine. (Yes, the same Donald that I mentioned in terms of the Chinese meal fiasco.) I met Donald at the bookstore as well, and he joined the gaming group while we were playing WitchCraft, the modern-day rpg of the supernatural. One of my all-time favourite moments in gaming was the bit in that game when Donald's character arrived home to find the interior of his garage walls covered in what he thought was blood. He called the police of course, and then discovered someone had played a nasty prank on him, and it was nothing but ketchup! Wonderful stuff! :) Last, but not least, there was Pierre Gauthier; I had met him in the bookstore, and he joined the gaming group for a relatively short period of time. Pierre had what could best be summed up as an abrasive personality, but if nothing else, he united Steve, Andrew, and Tammy against him. He always wanted to play the "darker" characters, and didn't seem to understand that even if you're playing the "bad boy" in the group, you still have to work and cooperate with the other players.

The favourite rpgs that the Sunday afternoon gaming group have played include DragonQuest, TORG: The Possibility Wars, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the original Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

Whew! Well, that was a much longer post than I expected it to be. Add to that the temperature here in Ottawa is still pretty hot, and I'm pretty much worn out and tired. Off to bed now for some well-earned sleep.
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