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A New Month

August 1st. A new month.

Or not so new. I'm still feeling pretty ill from whatever this bug that I'm suffering is, and I really feel that the doctor(s) doesn't know what I've got, what's going on, or how to treat me.

I don't have time to be sick. August has a lot of stuff that I want and need to do, and I don't know what's going to happen. I'm supposed to go to GenCon 2012 in Indianapolis come the middle of the month, and to be honest, I don't know whether that's going to happen or not. There's also some other stuff going on work-wise that is now in doubt, and my own, personal life is quite a shambles in some ways right now as well.

I've got to remain positive. So the start of the new month is good. It means I can try and get past whatever's going on with my body, and hopefully recover by the time I get ready to head down to the U.S..

In the meantime, one day at a time.
Tags: convention, gencon, health, life, new month, personal

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