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A Visit to the Doctor, and a Surprise

Just came back from the doctor appointment, with a stop at the hospital on the way home.

I got to the doctor's office around 1:30 pm, and I was ushered into one of the patient rooms around 1:45 pm, not bad considering. To be honest, I didn't know where to start with stuff, but the doctor made it plain that he was a bit miffed that I had gone to see his "office mate" when he wasn't around last week, as the two are not part of the same "group" and merely share an office. Doctor politics, say what?

I tried to explain what's been going on, and at first, the talk was about how it's all related to the diabetes. For a change, Doctor No-Touch decided to check me out first-hand. He took my blood pressure (normal, no change there), took my shirt off and listened to my chest, as well as tapping with his fingers here and there, checked out my ears, checked out my eyes, looked down my throat, probed with his fingers around my cheeks, down below the ears, and into the base of my throat. After checking things out, he told me that the best I can do for now is keep taking the antibiotic prescribed by his fellow MD, and that the diarrhea will need to be referred back to the doctor who specialises in that part of the body - the same fellow who did the endoscopies and colonoscopies. He also ruled out my prostate problems as being responsible for the bowel problems, since that organ is not associated with it.

However, he filled out the paperwork for multiple blood tests, urine samples, x-rays, and a special little surprise. (I'll come to that in a moment.) I've never seen such a filled in form, and he ordered tests for various diseases as well as mononucleosis, but also did a PSA, and some other stuff that I didn't understand. The problem is that the doctor won't be in the office again until the 13th of August, so I won't get the test results back from the doctor until that day, when I have an appointment for 4:00 pm. The day before I'm supposed to fly to the States for GenCon Indy. This should be...interesting, and the results of the tests are going to determine several things, for sure. Not happy about this.

I got to the hospital, and managed to present the urine samples part of the test first, since the doctor wanted me to have the x-rays first so that they results could be faxed over to the office before he actually left for the day. Once the x-rays were taken, I went back to the blood lab where they ran the spectrum of blood tests that he ordered - fourteen (14!) vials worth in all. Sandra, the female blood technician, commented that that was the most vials she'd had to take other than 19 from a women with pancreatic problems.

As I'm getting ready to leave the blood lab and head for home, the check-in person at the blood lab asks if I've already had my ECG!! What?? And yet, sure enough, there it is, listed on the test form! What the heck!!?? Needless to say, I couldn't call the doctor and find out what the test was for, so I just headed over to the Life Lab in a different building (connected by a walkway, thank Goddess, due to the heat today in the city) and had the ECG done. I remembered that the doctor had pressed some on the upper left part of my chest and I had experienced some pain, so I guess this was part of the reason for ordering the tests. Took about five minutes, and was relatively painless - except for the sticky stuff that they put on me, that pulled the hair off my chest when removed. (I experienced these things once before when I was admitted to the hospital with a suspected heart attack due to one of the diabetes medications that I had been put on several years ago.) Not too bad, but you can imagine how worried I've been feeling since I had that surprise pulled on me this afternoon.

So how are the diarrhea, the glandular infection (if that's what it is), the bronchitis or pneumonia, and everything related? Damned if the doctor knows at this point, if they are related, but now comes the waiting game. With important decisions to be made as well.

Got home from the hospital to find spross was there, just about to leave. He had come to drop me off some copies of Primeval RPG material, and we chatted for a few minutes and I brought him up-to-date with what's going on.

Been home for several hours now, and have finally got my head sorted enough to write this blog entry. Really got taken by surprise by the ECG test, to be honest, but I don't know what I can do about any of this, given when I'll have the results.

In the meantime, just take things day-by-day, and see how I feel tomorrow.
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