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Sunday Game Session Cancelled

Still not feeling up to snuff, so I have cancelled this afternoon's gaming session.

I had planned to run the last playtest for the Primeval RPG of the "Peril Beneath the Streets" scenario today, Sunday, since I'll be running it again this year at GenCon Indy, but that's just not going to happen today.

While Tammy was a bit disapointed about this when I told her, spross didn't react to my letting him know one way or the other. Both were actually somewhat relieved, I suspect, as Doug wouldn't be able to make it out today, so Tammy and spross would have to play six (6) characters between them. Not something either of them enjoy (can't say as I blame them), so cancelling today's game was a good move in that regard.

I got to playtest the two scenarios for the Primeval RPG last weekend, so at least I had that time to get some practice in.

In the meantime, I've just got to see how the week ahead goes.
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