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Weekend Highlights

The weekend was an interesting one from a gaming point of view, to say the least, but not a lot else happened.

Friday night, the players continued their re-entry into the world of The Dying Earth. The previous events that occurred to the group can be found in this entry, and we continued from where the group had left off. The characters suffered from the effects of the spores released by the plant, and after much excessive debauchery and other stuff based on the Temptations of the characters, woke to find themselves lying on small cots in a village. I'm not going to go into the rest of what happened during the course of the evening's play, but it can be summed up quite nicely by saying that 1) rustic villages can be fraught with the perils of social niceties, where one can be bound by the chains of matrimony, and 2) one should exercise caution when dealing with geriatric Mages of some arcane puissance. :) That said, the players told me that it was one of the most enjoyable gaming sessions they had played in some time.

Saturday was the day of running the Hollow Earth Expedition demo game over at the Comic Book Shoppe, and so my day started early. You can read the report on the HEX demo in the next journal entry, as soon as I get a bit of time later today.

I took it relatively easy Saturday evening, and read a few of the comics that I had picked up that day during my monthly comic run while at the store for the demo. I also managed to finish reading The McAtrix Derided by Adam Roberts (under his "Robertski Brothers" aka "A.R.R.R. Roberts" pseudonym). It's a marvellous parody of the Matrix movies, and lots of fun. I recommend this one quite a bit.

Sunday, I wasn't feeling up to running my HEX game, since I was feeling somewhat hoarse after the Saturday demo (and yes, I'll still suffering from the bug that I have, and the cough has intensified somewhat). So spross ran another session of his HEX game (which I hope will turn into a campaign, Goddess willing). He's getting better at running the game and doing all the stuff that GMs do, but I didn't really get to play, as he had to do some catching up to my character with Tammy's character, a fortune hunter with survival expert aspirations. It was fun to watch and see her go through some of the same paces I had with my archaeology professor. Read a few more comics Sunday evening before the season premiere of Desperate Housewives, and had a good evening with that. (I have to watch the tape I made last night of the second half of Race to Mars sometime, too.)

I have the day off work today, as I had to take my Mom to the hospital for some tests, the kind that leave you groggy and you really shouldn't be driving afterwards, so am just getting ready to head back to the hospital and pick her up, and then take her home. Nothing else going on at the moment, so will talk to you all later.
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