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Catching Up with Palaeo News V

Once more, catching up with some of the dinosaur and palaeontology news and weirdness out there...

Brian Switek says that we should not trivialize dinosaur sex in this Wired Science on-line piece:

Daily Mail, HuffPo Dumn Down Dinosex

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is producing a new video series, "Dinosaurs Explained", in which palaeontologists answer frequently asked questions about dinosaurs. Here's the trailer for the video series:

Trailer for "Dinosaurs Explained"

Over on the NPR website, Robert Krulwich collects some prehistoric creatures frozen in embarrassing positions.

Frozen and Blushing Forever

Not dinosaur related, specifically, but Yale researchers are reassessing an especially archaic fossil snake, and how slithering reptiles evolved.

The Missing Snake Link, Maybe?

And then there's stuff about painting Pachyrhinosaurus...

Painter Brings Odd Alaskan Dinosaur to Life

An interesting discussion of the evolutionary dinosaur shuffling in the layers of Canada's Dinosaur Park Formation (that is, biostratigraphy).

Dinosaur Turnover

While Jurassic Park glossed over all manner of issues with the dinosaur cloning, how about working with a cassowary?

An Australian Jurassic Park?

Brian Switek shares his thoughts about the making of Jurassic Park IV and whether we should go back there again...

Should We Go Back to Jurassic Park?

A fabulous book, Dinosaur Art: The World's Greatest Paleoart edited by Steve White, is about to come out in September. Here's the Dinosaur Tracking blog thoughts on the book and why it's so valuable to have...

Artists Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life

Remember the whole business with the illegal Tarbosaurus auction and the developments from that? Well, there's a new turn and stuff with that story...

New Wrinkle in the Tarbosaurus Kerfuffle

And that's a wrap for the next little while on palaeontological news, as I turn my attention to the week to come and a trip to Indianapolis for GenCon.
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