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Two Days Before GenCon 2012

Sunday afternoon. Two days before I leave for GenCon.

The weather in the Ottawa valley is not hot, but it's intolerable (at least to me). We've had temperatures in the low to mid-20s Celsius for the last few days, with high humidity and lots of rain, and the trend continues today. I'm not a hot weather person, and prefer dry heat to "wet" heat, and this is making me uncomfortable. Not to mention it's not helping me in terms of recovering from whatever (possible respiratory infection) I've got.

So many things to do, packing-wise and gaming-wise, before I head off to the airport on Tuesday.

Between the weather, some of the stress I'm feeling, and some other stuff that I won't go into on my journal, I'm not sleeping all that well, though I do seem to be managing four or five hours of sleep per night, so I guess that's better than nothing. But it doesn't leave me feeling all that well, my temper's a bit on edge, and I feel a bit ragged. Not an auspicious beginning for what promises to be a very busy week. The good news is that I am feeling somewhat better, so perhaps the sleeping will get easier for tonight and Monday.

I'm taking it relatively easy today, do a bit more packing (I'm about 25 to 30 percent done; it's the last 70% of packing, especially when you have gaming stuff to take with you, that always worries me), and take another look at the Primeval RPG scenario I intend to run at the convention. I might read a bit, but will definitely try to take a nap or two.

Just a reminder to folks going to GenCon: Since I don't own a mobile phone and won't be taking a computer with me to the convention, any meet-ups, get-togethers, etc. at GenCon really have to be arranged with me as soon as possible, and before I leave for the airport early on Tuesday morning.
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