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Back From the Doctor

As noted in the previous journal entry, had an appointment with the doctor around 4:00 pm.

Got to the office in plenty of time, and sat and waited to see him until 4:30 pm. When he came in, he immediately told me that he hadn't had a chance to look at the various test results, other than the x-ray result, which I had learned about the same afternoon that it was taken, because he'd been busy with patients all day. He would have them for me tomorrow, if I would care to come in. Perfect, huh? I'm heading off to GenCon tomorrow. The test results have been sitting in his office for some eight days, and he still hasn't had a chance to look at them?

After asking me how I feel, and my telling him that only a few things have changed - the diarrhea's somewhat better but the ear pain, swollen side of the face under the ear and the neck, and chest pain continue, he said we'll look into that next time I see him, and said I should enjoy the trip. No check down my throat, no stethoscope to my chest, no light shining down my ear, nothing.

In all, the appointment lasted for five (5!) minutes, and then it was out the door with a "Have fun at the convention", and then I made an appointment for next week, Goddess willing.

In the meantime, need to make some supper. (Or maybe go out for a bite to eat.) And then I've got to wrap up the packing of stuff before flying off to Indy tomorrow morning.
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