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At the Office Today

I am back at work this morning.

I'm trying to settle back in to work today here at the office, although I've definitely got a case of con crud. My head is still at GenCon, and my sinuses are completely blocked, phlegm is dripping down my throat, I've got a pretty good cough at the moment, but don't seem to have a fever, thank Goddess ::knock on wood:: Figured it was better to come in and get some work done and have something else to think about other than my ailments. I also want (and need) to sleep more, even though I had a good seven hours last night (managed just four or five on Monday night). It's the weariness of GenCon that's persisting, I suppose, and my body wants more rest.

The pain in my lower left back and hip is still somewhat fierce this morning (all will be revealed about this in my blog entries about GenCon, trust me), and my mother says that it's visibly swollen on that side. The Robaxacet is only effective to a certain extent, and I am considering going back to the chiropractor, but we'll see how it evolves. In the meanwhile, I'm just dealing.

Here at work this morning, my co-workers (especially Donna) have been asking me about some of the stuff that went on at GenCon, and some of them have expressed an interest in reading the blog entries when they start to go up. I brought my copy of the Primeval RPG rulebook in to show the folks, and Donna has been gushing over the book so far this morning when she's had the time, saying, "I may have to buy this pretty book" and "So, when's the PBeM game going to get off the ground again?".

But for now *cough, cough*, back to it.
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