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Back From the Doctor, Once More

Home from work and the doctor's office.

Work was pretty decent today for the morning, and I got a lot more accomplished than I expected given the condition of my head, ears, and throat.

The doctor's appointment was the same old. He did check my ears, throat, and chest, and has decided that I just have a cold of some sort (likely the con crud that I picked up in Indy), but the swelling of my glands on the left hand side seem to have him more concerned. It's either some form of parotiditis or possibly my thyroid, so I'm going to call one of the places in Ottawa out on Merivale that does it, and set up an ultrasound as soon as they can book the appointment. In the meantime, he told me to take it somewhat easy, keep using the nasal rinse, drink plenty of liquids, and take Tylenol for what ails me.

In the meantime, the good news is that according to the doctor's scales, I lost 12.3 lbs. in the last 10 days. Doesn't seem to have come off the right parts of my anatomy, but... Must have been all that walking at GenCon, huh? :)

Time for a spot of lunch.
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