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Catching Up with Palaeo News VI

Once more, catching up with various palaeontological happenings and the like...

Border inspectors have seized over 1,000 fossils that were going to be sold in the United States.

Fossils Seized at U.S. Border to be Given to U-M"

Banjo gets a hand, in which one deals with the assemling of the claws of an Australian predatory dinosaur.

Banjo Gets A Hand

Could a beefy neck explain why the Cretaceous carnivore Carnotaurus had such ridiculously tiny arms?

Carnotaurus Had a Hefty Neck

Discovery of an archaic lobopodian 200 million years later makes folks in the field wonder if Tully Monster is another Cambrian hold-out...

A Carboniferous Non-Onychophoran Lobopodian Reveals Long-Term Survival of a Cambrian Morphotype

A beautifully preserved fossil provides scientists with an in-depth look at ankylosaur armour:

An In-Depth Look at Ankylosaur Armour

Over on the Cosmos: The Science of Everything site, there's an interesting piece on the end-Triassic disaster, and the "black Jurassic", with new details about one of the less-publicized mass extinctions.

Deadly Seas Followed Mass Extinction

What can the growing pains of dome-headed dinosaurs tell us about their biology and behavior?

How Domed Dinosaurs Grew Up

A rare Albertan Triceratops, and it sounds like a really big one...

Huge Triceratops Skeleton Unearthed Near Drumheller

Huge Triceratops Uncovered in Alberta

The legacy of the Cambrian's "wonderful life" - evolutionary oddball survived 200 million years longer than expected:

The Long-Lived Legacy of the Cambrian's "Wonderful Life"

About 112 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed what is now NASA's Goddar Space Flight Center Campus:

NASA's Nodosaur Track

Paleontologist retracts PNAS study about 'Pliocene cheetah' based on altered fossil of uncertain origin

Author Retracts PNAS About Alleged Pliocene Cheetah Fossil

Did Komodo dragons evolve to eat Pygmy elephants?

Of Dragons and Diminuitive Elephants

Well, well... That illicit Tarbosaurus wasn't as complete as advertised - 50% one skeleton, 25% from other specimens, 25% replicas.

Florida Fossils Dealer Seeks Dinosaurs

At one site in China, palaeontologists track the footsteps of sickle-clawed dinosaurs.

Tracking Raptors

Over at BioOne, there is a *huge* review of dromaeosaurids by Alan Turner et al.. It also reaffirms the importance of Archaeopteryx to bird evolution.

A Review of Dromaeosaurid Systematics and Paravian Phylogeny

Over on his Wired blog, Brian Switek has a rant about the term "living fossil"...">Unless They're Zombies, Fossils Don't Live</a>

Was Bicentenaria a social dinosaur? Brian Switek reviews the evidence.

Bicentenaria and the Rise of the Coelurosaurs
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