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Friday Stuff

Woke up this morning feeling pretty much as I had the rest of this week so far, but decided that I was well enough that I can handle another half-day at work, and work from home for the afternoon. My boss is just thankful that I'm not trying to infect everyone at the office.

Before going to work, I went bright and early to the lab and had my three- to five-month diabetes blood tests done. I went over to Denny's afterwards, and had some breakfast there before making my way to the office, so I'm feeling quite full from breakfast even still, and have only had some hot Chai tea since coming in to the office.

In good news, I checked the UPS tracking system, and my purchases from GenCon should be arriving today, "by the end of business today" (as it says on the tracking info page). Looking forward to that stuff.

I haven't decided whether to game with the Friday night gaming group yet, as I don't know how I feel yet about myself today, and would rather not spread the con crud to the gaming group. Will decide later this afternoon.
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