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Home on a Friday

Got home from work just after 1:10 pm, and put in a solid day's work for a Friday, and considering how crappy I feel. It will be good to have the weekend off and to just try and get in some rest during the two or three days or whatever it is.

I arrived home just in time, as the UPS truck was pulling up to the house. The gaming books that I had shipped home from GenCon arrived, so I was pleased about my timing, but I had to pay a brokerage fee of $37+ and that was not a pleasant surprise. Still, the value of the book was well worth the money of shipping them home, given the weight, and so all the stuff I bought at the convention is now "home". When my blog posts about GenCon catch up with the stuff (you can see the first entry here), you'll be seeing a photo or three of the GenCon Haul, so for those interested in that, you've got something to look forward to. :)
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