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Friday Night Gaming Resumes

After giving it some thought, I spoke to Kathy and the other Friday night gamers, and they have decided that they will risk their health and come out to game this evening.

They all agreed that they have missed the weekly gaming session (see previous blog entries to see why we haven't done a lot of gaming the last few weeks), and are looking forward to what I might throw at them tonight for a game. Kathy and Nick also pointed out to me that gaming will get my mind off how rotten I've been feeling, and distract me with a bit of fun for one and all. They make a good point, and I do feel somewhat better today, so... Besides, Kathy and Nick said they want to see what my GenCon Haul was! :)

I've got several options, to be honest. I'd like to continue running the Primeval RPG on them, but I'm not too sure whether my head is capable of that at the moment, but we may try a hand at creating characters for Broken Rooms, since the game system is pretty simple. Failing that, perhaps play a board game or three. We'll see once the Friday night gamers arrive.
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