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Friday Night Gaming Review and Thoughts

Last night, the Friday gaming group reconvened for the first time in several weeks.

It was a bit of a mixed bag, to be honest. I wasn't feeling well enough to do justice to the gaming session that I wanted to run, but the Friday nighters were understanding about matters, and we played a couple of board games and then checked out some of the new rpg material that I had obtained at GenCon this year.

We started off with a couple of games of Ticket To Ride: Europe, both of which were quite enjoyable, though I didn't do all that well in either. Kathy won the first game by 35 points over Nick, and David won the second game over Nick by 48 points; I came in second to last in the first game, though performed better in the second game and finished third.

After that game, the Friday night gamers wanted to check out the haul from GenCon. They were all impressed at the look of the Primeval RPG rulebook, and after flipping through the book, Joanne stated that it was "lovely, quite a beautiful book". We talked at length about the Shadows of Esteren fantasy roleplaying game, and the players liked the idea of a more Celtic, more gothic with a horror edge, mainstream fantasy rpg. They were quite blown away by the look of the books, although David was a bit daunted by the fact that there are three characters sheets per player. They were even more blown away by the soundtrack for Esteren that I played in the background! :) They still want to play the Desolation, but have been wanting to play a more "standard" fantasy rpg (rather than the post-apocalyptic one), and they're highly impressed with Shadows of Esteren.

Kathy, Nick, and Joanne were quite looking forward to checking out the Broken Rooms RPG, as they were intrigued by the large book in the pile (it checks in at 464 pages). They had apparently been checking out what they could on-line about the game after I'd mentioned it before heading off to GenCon, and were quite taken with the game concept and what they could glean about its mechanics. I explained a bit more about the game and its mechanics, and the group was very taken with the idea of playing it, and are looking forward to gaming the system. Finally, David saw that I had a copy of the Yggdrasill RPG in the haul as well, and it turns out he's a huge fan of Norse mythology and stuff, and asked if I had any plans to run it. I told him that it was one of my favourite purchases at GenCon this year, and that I was going to ask the Friday nighters if they would be interested in playing, since I also knew that Tammy in the Sunday group had an interest in things Norse (and I think Douglas knows something of the Norse stuff, too) and that might intrigue the Sunday gamers as well, even if only for a one-shot to try the game out. Anyway, David was pretty pleased about this, and Kathy, Angela, and Joanne flipped a bit through the book and liked the way in which female characters were portrayed. So Yggdrasill will definitely be gamed in the future. Looking forward to that.

When I asked the players about their priorities, the group agreed that they still want to play Desolation, Primeval RPG, and Parsec (though the Friday night group is not so eager for the most part to play a science fiction rpg), but in order, want to do Shadows of Esteren, Broken Rooms, and Yggdrasill. So I guess I know what rpgs I'll be reading shortly, eh? :)

I was still pretty sick during the evening, though mostly with talking aggravating the cough that I have, and my voice was a bit more raspy when we broke for the evening just after 11:45 pm. The gamers had a good time, and said that I was at least distracted from other stuff by the gaming and company, so this was a good thing.

Hopefully, I'll be feeling up to running something next week, most likely Primeval RPG, as I suspect it will take me some time to get through the book for Shadows of Esteren, though Broken Rooms is a much easier read (and I actually glanced through the entire 464 pages of that yesterday afternoon).


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