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No Sunday Gaming Today

Looks like the Sunday group won't be gaming today.

Spoke to Douglas yesterday, and due to something coming up in the family he will not be out to game today, Sunday. spross dropped over after work yesterday to take the last two photos for the GenCon reports, and he was still pretty sick himself (yes, he's also got con crud), so he said to me that he'd prefer to take Sunday's game session off. When I spoke to Tammy about the matter, she said that since both he and I were ill she'd rather not catch con crud, so we agreed to call off today's game session.

In some ways, I'm actually glad to have today off from the Sunday gaming group, as I'm still feeling pretty ill, though my sinuses are finally a bit less blocked and the coughing is reduced as well (though I get a couple of spells per day where it just keeps on going). Besides, I've got enough to do between some reading of the new rpgs that I picked up at GenCon (and yes, I'll be blogging about my GenCon Haul at some point as well) and other stuff that I want to do now that I'm home.
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