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Paleo Isn't Extinct, Thank Goodness

For those who are dinosaur enthusiasts, or even those just looking for a good dinosaur comic out there, I thought that I should draw (no pun intended) your attention to this.

One of my favourite dinosaur comics has always been Paleo. Paleo was a comic that was for anyone who enjoyed the BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs; it did its best to get the science right, and only wandered from that goal when the needs of the story dictated otherwise. Interestingly, there are no humans, and the dinosaurs in the tale were appropriate for the (Late) Cretaceous setting.

I lost my copies of the comics when the basement of my condo townhouse flooded several years back, and the books have been almost impossible to find, although there was an omnibus of the volume published back in 2003. However, now Jim Lawson has put together Paleo: The Webcomic site. According to his intro post, it will cover the entire run of the original series and the "Loner" storyline, and include previously unpublished art. There's quite a bit of material already up there, and he's well into Chapter 2 of the story.

So, check it out.
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