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GenCon 2012, Day 4 Report

Here is the report of the sixth day of the trip to GenCon 2012. The report on the fifth day can be found in this journal entry.

August 19th, 2012

Woke up on Sunday morning around 5:20 am after sleeping pretty poorly the night before, though I still managed to get the "3" of the 3-2-1 Rule hours of sleep. spross poked me awake when I started snoring around 1:45 am, but most of the discomfort this morning is from the pain in my lower back after the stupid business on the way to TGI Friday's yesterday for supper. I took my morning shower and the heat of it did not help my back all that much, and I've come to realise that I may have to take some Robaxacet or get the hotel staff to send up a lot of ice and spend part of my day with icepacks on my left hip and lower part of the back. Not how I wanted to spend the day.

The plan for Sunday was to take in another Broken Rooms scenario, if I can get in, eat a slice of pizza or two for lunch, and then check out the Exhibit Hall for the last time. I'm hoping to have dinner with Dom, mytholder, and the Cubicle 7 crew, but not sure if that's going to happen or not.

spross and I went for breakfast as usual here in the JW, and I received a pleasant surprise when I saw that the Sunday buffet including fresh smoked salmon (lox, for those in the know) on the menu. I added that to my usual omelette, and also had a piece of toast with it as well. After breakfast, spross and I went back to the hotel room, and after finishing the last of the morning ablutions got ready for the day's gaming. spross had decided that he'd like to play in a game of Broken Rooms as well, so he'd come with me and see if he could get into a game. We went down to JW 206 to check out the gaming before heading for the Marriott, as mytholder was running Doctor Who: AiTaS and Mike was running The One Ring. I watched the games there for a bit, and then when it was time, headed over with SteveB to the Marriott to see if I could get into the game of Broken Rooms.

There were two games scheduled for 10:00 am, another running by Jamie of "Dread Mission", and nearside running "First Fall 2.0". I chatted with Jamie, nearside, and Matt for a bit before folks started to show up for the games (Matt was scheduled to run Desolation). Since I had played in "Dread Mission" the day before, I wanted to get into nearside's game, but I almost didn't get into the game. I lucked out in that one guy who showed up didn't have a ticket, Pre-registered or Generic, and since Jamie didn't get enough players for "Dread Mission", the guy in question got into that (with the GM's permission), along with spross, and I managed to get into "First Fall 2.0". The Goddess was smiling on me, Blessed Be! :)

I played the last character that was available, as I let the other players pick their characters first, since I'd played in a game of Broken Rooms on Saturday, and I ended up with Madeleine "Maddy" Kearns, a highly trained marksman and abuse survivor with anger issues, and also a Blocker. The game was really interesting, and I have to say I had a terrific time though I didn't get to use a lot my Blocking abilities in the game. The basic plot was that we were assigned to retrieve a young girl who is also an Opener. Needless to say, the mission wasn't as simple as it appeared, and we had to deal with a few "problems". nearside ran a really good game, being evocative in his descriptions and filling in a lot of game world detail for us as he proceeded to run the adventure (quite reasonable since the game is his brainchild). He explained the game a lot better than Jamie had done the day before (no offense, Jamie, if you're reading this, mate!) and filled in a lot of "in-game" detail for those of us who were interested in GMing the system. When one of our players left, spross stepped in to play the doctor character, as his adventure had ended a bit earlier. After wrapping up the two-hour adventure just after noon, nearside explained the deep secret behind the Nearside (excellent and cool!) and about the Night of Fire (really cool!!) to several of us who wanted to know. (I don't know if spross heard the secrets or not, but I also don't know if he wanted to know them. And NO!, I will not tell anyone the secrets about the two games that I learned.)

After the game ended, spross and I headed over to the ICC, and had a slice of (terrible) pizza over at the Bistro Pizza concession. The good news is that when we sat down in the area near the concession to eat, Kate Masters (whom I hadn't seen sitting elsewhere) and her daughter approached us, and we had a good chat for some 10 minutes. Here's a photo of Kate and me that SteveR snapped. My slight hunch is due to the pain I'm in, though I'm masking it well.


I'm not sure about that expression on my face, though. We had a good chat with Kate for about ten to fifteen minutes or so, and it was really good to see her again. Kate introduced us to her husband as well, and then they had to take off with the family for other parts. I really hope I see her at other conventions in future.

spross and I went over to the Exhibit Hall. We wandered around a bit and I paid a visit to the Studio 2 Publishing booth to pay another visit to the folks behind Shadows of Esteren, and chatted with Clovis, Valentin and Nelyhann about scenarios that would be available for the game down the road, and whether there was a convention scenario that I could run at CanGames in 2013. At some point during the discussion and wandering around, I lost spross, but figured he'd find me at some point. I went back to the Koplow Games booth and purchased twenty-four d12s, since I was going to run a Broken Rooms campaign; because of the pain meds I was on, that make me a bit loopy and less attentive to things, I almost bought a batch of d10s, if not for the timely intervention of spross. Thanks, Steve! :) spross picked up some d12s for himself (I wonder why? <g>), and I went and chatted with the guy who had sold me the dinosaur dice on Thursday (iirc) - he told me that they had almost sold out, and he couldn't figure out why! I told him about the Primeval RPG, and he laughed. hehe

I looked around at some of the dice again, and then noticed that spross had gone off again, or I'd missed him somewhere. I wandered off on my own for a bit, and checked out a few things - Author's Alley, the Artists Row, a couple of booths including RedBrick (and gave them a piece of my mind), Triple Ace Games, and a few others. I headed over to the Cubicle 7 booth to see if spross was there, but he wasn't and nor was Dom. I chatted with Walt and Edel at the booth, and when mytholder came over after a while, I wandered around with him and Edel a bit, and we made our way to the Came upon one of the large indie game booths (can't remember which one now) and saw Brennan Taylor of How We Came to Live Here fame. After he chatted with mytholder, they went off in search of stuff, and I chatted with Brennan about the game for a bit and some of his forthcoming stuff. Lovely gentleman. I wandered back through the Exhibit Hall, catching bits and pieces of stuff here and there, and made my way to the Exile Games booth once more. I talked with Jeff Combos and lena_of_fargo some, and then Jeff taught me to play the Exile card game, Deadfellas. Short, 10-minute game, and I held my own against Jeff, which I thought was pretty good. He beat me, but said it wasn't as easy as he'd thought it might be. supersech was at the booth as well, and I got to have a chat with him about various subjects, and about Hollow Earth Expedition stuff planned for the future. After saying my goodbyes to the Exile folks, I went back to the Cubicle 7 booth and chatrted with folks there, also saying my farewells to everyone there. The chances were good that I'd be able to see Dom and the others again at the Pullman that night, so that was that.

Seeing as there was no sign of spross and my back and hip were aching somewhat fierce (my hips don't lie, and I hadn't taken an afternoon dose of pain meds), I headed back to the hotel room in the hopes that spross was there. I nearly didn't make it back to the JW let alone the hotel room due to the spasms that I was suffering. spross was already there, and so I went into the hotel room, relaxed, had a snack (half a bagel with cream cheese, celery, and carrots, and some Edam on a cracker or two), and then just relaxed a bit and updated this journal entry. I took a sitz bath, and then lay back for some time after that, and then got up and started to do some basic packing of the luggage for the trip home on Monday.

Once I'd rested a bit and took another dose of Robaxacet, spross and I went out to supper. We thought we'd go over to the Circle Center restaurant in the Marriott, but I didn't see anything there that I fancied for my diabetic well-being, so we went over to Champions, the Marriott's sports bar, and had a steak, side salad, vegetable medley and smashed potatoes for supper. The steak at High Velocity in the JW was better, but the prices were roughly the same.

After supper, we headed over to Union Station and the Pullman Bar and Grille to meet up hopefully with Dominic and the other C7 folks. I couldn't see them, so we camped out in the antechamber to the bar, and relaxed. spross went over to the Omni Severin to see if they were there, but he came back empty-handed. Sure enough, he went back into the Pullman, and Dom, mytholder, and Edel were there. Dom mentioned that the other C7 folks were either gone or getting ready to leave for home, but he thought that it would be nice to chat with me again before he too headed home for Blighty. Dom bought drinks all around (I don't remember whether anyone had alcohol), and we chatted with Dom and mytholder telling gamer and gaming stories that had us all laughing. I told them the joke about how Canada got its name (and if you want to know this one, just ask for it in the Comments below), and then spross followed that up with the historical truth of the matter. (Here's a photo that SteveR snapped of Dom, me, and mytholder either on Friday or Saturday (I can't remember when)).


Since we all had to get ready to fly home, some further than others, we parted our separate ways after some downright relaxing conversation and chats. Since it was a relatively cool night outside, spross and I walked from the Pullman to the JW via the Omni. It was a pleasant night, and the walk did me good, though it was marred a bit by the usual motorcycle disturbances. By the time we got back to the JW around 10:30 pm, my left hip and thigh were bothering me something fierce again.

I called down to the lobby for an ice pack, and while we waited, I managed to get a good chunk of most of the packing done for the trip home. Just had the toiletries and the small sundries left to go for the most part. I sat with the ice pack for a good 35 minutes, but it didn't help all that much, so I took a couple of Tylenol, and then lay back and read for about 1/2 an hour. Felt somewhat better after that, and so managed to get into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

We're heading for home tomorrow.

And that's another relatively long entry, though I hope everyone has enjoyed it. In a lot of ways, it was a busy day, and I lost track of time because of the meds and just enjoyed being able to wander the Exhibit Hall, even if it was hurting me like heck to do so.

In any event, the next post will be about the trip home to Ottawa, and then I'll be writing just one more post about this year's GenCon 2012, a retrospective of sorts, some thoughts on the convention, and a pair of photos of my loot from the convention. As always, thoughts and comments are much appreciated.
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