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Hockey Season - Yay!

October is also synonymous with the word "hockey".

That means that the National Hockey League is back for another year of hockey. Another year of a bunch of North American cities gearing up for a season of 80+ games that will finally culminate some time in June of 2008 with one team winning Lord Stanley's Cup.

I'm really looking forward to this season and the Ottawa Senators' performance in the NHL. Last season, the Senators made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals, but lost to the big, strong, tough Anaheim Ducks. Can the Sens repeat this year, and go that extra mile to win Lord Stanley's trophy? I don't know. The Sens didn't make any really significant changes to their line-up, other than changing their coach and not going out and acquiring any free agents who can make a difference this year (they desperately need another second line man who can provide some offense). That said, this team still has 18 players from last year's run, so I remain optimistic about the Senators chances, and look forward to seeing what the new NHL season brings.

It should be an interesting hockey season.

Go, Sens, Go! :)
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