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A Friday Morning Post

A dark, dismal, and grim day out there today here in Ottawa. The weather is going to be a bit on the warm, humid side today, but there is supposed to be lots of rain. (This is good for plants and stuff, I hear.)

I've come in to work as usual today to do another half day's hours. I've still got the cough and the phlegm, and the ear/neck/throat stuff going on, but can't say I feel as bad as I have in the past from whatever this is, and hope that the con crud is also on its way out. Work is going as well as can be expected, but the Tylenol Sinus seems to be doing its job, and keeping my head relatively clear during business hours, which is all I can ask.

The two gaming groups on Friday night and Sunday afternoon will definitely be back in action this weekend (well, starting tonight), and I'm quite looking forward to that. I've not decided what games will be on the docket this weekend, but it'll likely be either Primeval RPG or Broken Rooms. I'm definitely not ready to run Shadows of Esteren or Yggdrasill, much as I would like to, but the two groups will be pretty happy to play either Primeval RPG or Broken Rooms, I suspect.

More on the gaming stuff later in the afternoon.
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