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Start of a New Month

The first day of September. A new month, a new beginning of sorts. Hope it's a better month in many respects than August was, though I have so many doctor/medical appointments this month that I feel a bit...stressed...about them.

In any event, lovely morning here in the Ottawa valley. The temperature when I got up was around 160C, and is going up to around 24 or so. After a nice omelette for breakfast, I hied myself outside and walked for about 25 minutes or so, getting some fresh air, and just taking in the feel of an early autumn day. Some of the leaves on trees are starting to change colours, so the view outside was quite lovely.

Showered when I got back to the house, and have been busy taking care of some laundry this morning, as well as making a few notes for a new scenario or two for some of the rpgs that I'm running/going to run.

Very nice day, so far. Keep it up, September 1st.
Tags: new month, ottawa, personal, walking, weather

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