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Medical Week From Hell

It's the Labour Day weekend Monday here in Canada, so I'm off work today.

This is going to be a very long week, as the doctor has finally decided to start to figure out what's wrong with my neck and throat in earnest. I've got appointments for various tests for the rest of the week, which is going to wreak havoc for me at work. Fortunately, my boss is understanding about this, but still...

Anyway, I'm going into the hospital this afternoon for an appointment to have a CT scan done of the region. Tuesday, I'm going to a small clinic that specialises in them to have an ultrasound done of the same part of my body. Wednesday sees me having my five-month check-up at the Diabetes Clinic, and I'm not looking forward to that, as I have to wonder what this new doctor will think about stuff, and whether he'll want to put me on insulin now. Thursday, I have an appointment to see the regular doctor, Doctor Quack as he's now know here on the blog. Hopefully, some of the tests that he's had me undergo will be done and he'll have some results, but I doubt it. Finally, Friday sees me back at the hospital for another bone density test, and possibly a bone biopsy (if the doctor decides he wants that added when I see him on Thursday).

Like I said to someone late yesterday, the Medical Week from Hell.
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