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Yesterday's Ultrasound Appointment

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, thank Goddess.

After leaving work around 1:15 pm or so, I went home to eat some lunch, and then my mother drove me to the medical clinic where I was to have the ultrasound done. I got caught in the sodding downpour a little bit, without an umbrella, so looked a bit...wet...when I got there. The place looked a bit run-down to me, but was as clean as you would expect such a place to be.

I checked in, and after fifteen minutes was led into the room where the test would be done. The technician who was doing the test was an attractive brunette named Helen, and she told me that the test would require about half an hour. I received an injection of a mild sedative, which she told me was to ensure that the thyroid did not become active due to the scan with the ultrasound waves. It left me feeling light-headed, but not too sleepy, which was good. Even though the doctor had ordered the tests just for the left side of my neck and throat, Helen did the full gamut, running the scan on both sides of neck, throat, and shoulders. All I can say is when she pressed the scanner to my left side of the area, the pain was pretty bad.

Once the scan was complete, she told me that the test results would not be ready until next week, since Dr. Quack had not put a rush order on them. Makes Thursday's appointment kind of useless, doesn't it? My mom, who'd taken me to the clinic, drove me home. This was a good thing, as I was somewhat woozy by this time from the sedative, and really shouldn't have driven home.

After getting home, I took the rest of the day and evening off and relaxed, napping a couple of times for what might be 20 or 30 minutes each time. Had a good dinner of steak, side salad, and some mashed potatoes before calling it a night and just going to read and listen to a bit of music before bed.

Today, the medical stuff continues with my five-month appointment at the Diabetes Clinic with the new doctor that I'm seeing there (for the second time only). So, just taking it one day at a time.
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