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Seven Interests Meme II

For round two, spross picked 7 of my interests for me to write about. If you want to play along, send me a comment; I'll pick 7 of your interests for you to write about, and then you post them with these instructions in your LiveJournal to keep this going.

a/state - A roleplaying game created by Malcolm Craig and published by Contested Ground Studios, a/state is a post-apocalytpic Dickensian dystopian science fiction rpg set in an environment called The City. My love for a/state stems from my love of all things Dickensian, with a touch of sf and horror thrown in. There are several mysteries surrounding the game world, the biggest one being what was the event called The Shift (that transported The City to wherever it is now). The game world is a combination of the mundane with some horror and fantastical elements, and with a social and cultural milieu that is truly fascinating, if not wondrous (in a steampunkish sort of way).

Archaeology - What can I say? Ever since my trips to museums and the like when I was little, I've always had a fascination with ancient cultures, both living and dead. Archaeology deals with the dead culture part of this (among other things), so it has become a life-long interest and hobby of mine.

Coupling - While I like sex like the next guy (who doesn't? :)), this is about the British tv series of the same name (not the American remake, Goddess forbid!)). Created by Steven Moffat (known these days for his work on Doctor Who and Jekyll, Coupling is the story of six friends - Steve (Jack Davenport), Susan (Sarah Alexander), Jane (Gina Bellman), Patrick (Ben Miles), Sally (Kate Isitt), and Jeff (Richard Coyle). What makes Coupling so funny and so delightful is that these characters are obsessed with love and sex, in a series of funny and embarrassing moments that we can all associate with. Add to that the zaniness of Jeff (the terms "unflushable", "the sock gap", and "the giggle loop" all come to mind from the first season alone), and of the best comedy series on tv ever. 'Nuff said.

Flash Girls - More correctly, coffeeem (aka Emma Bull) and Lorraine Garland, the Flash Girls are now a sadly defunct folk musician duo that play contemporary, traditional, and gothic folk music with a Celtic influence and some truly superb songs (some of which have been written by Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Jane Yolen). I first heard of them when I went to MiniCon in Minneapolis, and saw them there live, although I already knew of Emma Bull as a sf and fantasy author in her own right. Emma's guitars, and Lorraine's bright and sprightly, but sometimes woe-filled, fiddle playing are sorely missed by me.

Gypsies - The Roma or the Romany for those disposed to their name being spelled that way. The wandering folk of Gypsy myth and legend inspired my interest in these people, and the more and more I learned about the real Roma, the more I came to understand about them and like. Roma history and lore is truly fascinating, and they are a spirited, indomitable people.

Mediaeval Baebes - The Mediaeval Baebes are an English ensemble of female musicians founded by Miranda Sex Garden member Katharine Blake in the 1990s, that features between seven and twelve members, all of whom share a love for mediaeval music. The various albums (and there have been a few from the first Salva Nos to Mirabilis) feature traditional mediaeval songs and poetry set to music. alongside varying numbers of original compositions. The songs are in a variety of languages (including Latin, Middle English, French, Italian, Russian, Welsh, Irish Gaelic, and modern English). The thing that I really like about the music of Mediaeval Baebes is that the songs vary and the tonality of all their music is so rich and vibrant. Their music is very much worth listening to.

Wicca - Wicca is a nature-based religion found in various countries throughout the world. To all intents, I was born Jewish, but I tend to think of myself these days as Wiccan. I'm not going to discuss the religion of Wicca here, since that can take up volumes, except to say this: Find a balance between yourself and nature, and An it harm none, do as ye will.
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