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Friday Night Game - Broken Rooms Session

As promised earlier today, I said I would blog about yesterday's (Friday) gaming session with the Friday night group. As noted in earlier posts, the Friday night gamers started their Broken Rooms campaign last week, and they continued on yesterday night. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry.

Note: Unless a character or non-player character has a superscript number attached to their name, all characters and non-player characters hail from Earth1, the Ordinary World (our world).

March 14th, 2011

The player characters experience the physical and psychological stress as the broken room begins to cycle, first as they sense a high pitched, whining sound, then the air pressure starts to change, and finally light dims and then flares, before silence and darkness descend on them all. Andy Travers (Tom), Michelle Helstrom (Joanne), Kate Matthews (Angela), and Max Roberts (David) arrive at their destination hale and hearty, other than with a bit of a headache. Hayden Blake (Kathy) and Richard Martinez (Nick) are not so lucky, however. Both suffer severe headaches and nausea, and throw up all over the foliage near them, Max getting a bit of a backsplash from Hayden's retching, much to his displeasure.

Once the characters recover from the experience of using the broken room, they take stock of themselves and check out where they are. The player characters find themselves in what appears to be a vegetation overrun ruin of what was the room in the warehouse on Earth1. It's very different now. Max takes charge of the group, and sends former cat burglar Hayden to scout around a bit. He tells Kate to see if she can use her Finder abilities to figure out where the nearest broken room is from where they are. Kate attempts to do so, but she has a poor grasp still on her abilities, and the only broken room she can sense is the one they are still in! After she fails in the task, Kate opens the map given her by Carlos Albanez, and checks to see the lay of the land on the map. She shows it to the others, except Hayden who has yet to return.

Hayden returns and tells David and the others that it's the warehouse district down by the Chicago docks, but that it's completely overrun with vegetation, and there was no sign of life that she could see. The group moves cautiously out of the warehouse, and begins to look around. Michelle looks around, and spots several ruined, hopefully abandoned buildings, and in conjunction with the map that Kate was given by Carlos back on Earth1, the two can identify one of the buildings a bit further out as being the one where their target is. David tells them to gather their equipment up, and it's time to move out.

The party set off through the ruins of the warehouse, and carefully emerge through a massive, dangerously edged hole in the wall that's left, following Hayden's lead. The athletic Max barely avoids a severe cut on the rocky, rough edges of the whole, but is agile enough despite his size to avoid injury. Richard and Michelle are not pleased at Max's taking charge of the group, but they don't feel like arguing the point with him at the time. As the characters move cautiously, several of them making way too much noise for Max and Hayden's liking, Nick spots several large wolves that are searching for prey ahead of them. As Hayden tells the others to be very quiet, Andrew snaps several fallen branches. The wolves are instantly alert and head in the direction of the player characters. Several of the characters give Andrew a nasty look, but realise that they need to support each other.

Knowing they can't outrun the wolves, and that they'll home in on their scent, Kate and the others establish a perimeter area for themselves. The wolves approach the area cautiously, and the players make their move. Max attacks one of the three wolves savagely with a hockey stick, and manages to harm the creature enough, dazing it. Richard uses his Blocking abilities to prevent a second wolf from injuring Hayden, while Michelle hits the beast with a fallen tree branch, diverting its attention. The fight continues for several minutes, but the characters are able to inflict enough damage to the three wolves to drive them off, although several of them are hurt in the process. Kate uses her medical knowledge and the medical kit she brought with her to bind and heal some of the injuries suffered by Max, Andrew, and Richard.

Once the characters feel recovered enough, Kate and Hayden continue to lead the characters on towards their goal. The characters see several animals, but don't pose a threat to them, and eventually reach the building that they needed to find according to the map Carlos gave them. It seems to be a small shed of some sort, completely overrun with vegetation. However, Michelle points out that the shed may be occupied, as she points out several footprints, and what appears to be some scratch marks at the shed door. The characters prepare to enter the shed, taking several precautions.

After Andrew undoes the lock on the door with his Opening Meridian, the characters cautiously enter the shed. They find it neat, maintained, a small batch of wood and kindling in the fireplace, and several ordinary pieces of furniture in the shed. The perceptive Hayden spots the object of their search - a small, hexagonal box made of (indigenous) dark oak with a silver "R" embossed in it - on a small workbench over in one corner of the shed, and she proudly goes over and claims it. As she returns to where the others are watching her, Andrew comments, "This was too easy. If I were writing the novel, this is when--"

He's interrupted by a creaking from the entrance to the shed, where a man wearing a fur coat and wearing a warm cap says, "That's when the shed owner would show up, right?" and brandishes a rifle at them.

And that was the wrap-up for the Friday session of Broken Rooms. The players were somewhat surprised at the (pseudo)cliffhanger on which I ended things for the night, but said that they had a great night's play, are enjoying the game quite a lot, love the simplicity of the mechanics, and are looking forward to the next session of the game. Angela and David are still struggling a bit with the business about Momentum rolls, but otherwise the group seems to be handling the game situation and the system quite well.

I'm quite looking forward to next week's game session. Having a lot of fun with this game! :)
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