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More Medical Test Results

I've just come in from the doctor's office, and am quite tired. Figured I should post something.

I actually may have gained some respect for Dr. Quack. The doctor got the x-ray results and the thyroid blood work-up in, but the majority of the blood test results hadn't come in. He actually got his secretary to call the Riverside hospital where the tests were done, and spoke to the people there, then came to see me. By the time we had talked a bit, the results had been faxed over.

Both the thyroid tests and the x-ray results were negative. Furthermore, the other blood tests results allowed Dr. Quack to rule out leukemia and several other possibilities.

The next step is to have several biopsies of my throat and neck glands done. Dr. Quack will be setting those tests up as soon as possible, but they will have to be done in the Civic Hospital on the other side of Ottawa from where I live. Should be interesting.

In the meantime, a cup of tea and an oatmeal cookie.
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