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Catching Up with Palaeo News VIII

Once more, catching up on dinosaur and all things palaeontology news...

The NHMU's Ceratosaurus, based on Cleveland Lloyd Quarry bones, is now up. Here's a lovely photo.

Ceratosaur Photo

Ceratosaur Photo 2

Remember the business with the illegal Tarbosaurus bones? Well, the judge says that there isn't enough evidence that the Tarbosaurus bones were smuggled. What the heck??

Judge Rules Tyrannosaurus Bataar Skeleton Was Not Smuggled

Some newly recovered letters have highlighted Texas connection to 19th century Bone Wars, including a poetic tribute to the badass fossil amphibian Eryops.

Newly discovered letters and translated German ode expand Texas link to infamous Bone Wars

Giddyap, Tricerajeep!

Ida's hands are palaeontologist playthings - the life and death of a famous fossil primate:

Ida Hands are Palaeontologist Playthings

Olorotitan was one of the most elegant dinosaurs of all time:">Outlining Olorotitan</a>

Sometimes, "sauropods" turn out to be hadrosaurs in diguise.

Sinking a Sauropod

Dinosaurs swept out to sea were a rare treat for mosasaurs...

SciArt of the Day

Dinosaurs are, of course, awesome. But there are many other ancient creatures that deserve attention.

And that's it for this time around. :)
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