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Catching Up with Palaeo News IX

Time for another update on all things dinosaur and palaeontology.

There have been many ugly movie dinosaurs, but Metamorphosis featured the worst dinosaur *ever*:

The Worst Dinosaur Ever

There's a very neat video on London's hidden fossils - a tour with paleontologist Issy Gilbert that should be seen.

London's Hidden Fossils

Not really dinosaur related, but I think these lemurs have the right idea about how to start the day...

Lemurs Start Their Day

A piece on the fabled Bone Wars, and a Texas connnection.

Bone Wars - The Texas Connection

A piece on dinosaur politics, and how 19th century naturalists raced each other to describe Thecodontosaurus first.

Tussling Over Thecodontosaurus

Anyone who thinks fluffy tyrannosaurs are less scary, consider this: The devastating bite of T-Rex:

The T-Rex's Dangerous and Deadly Bite

Adult T-Rexes had awesome, crushing bites, but tyrants had to grow into their power.

The Awkwardness of Tyrant Teens

Everyone knows that Godzilla is a mutated dinosaur. But what type of dinosaur?

What Type of Dinosaur is Godzilla?

Did dinosaurs swim? What trackways tell us about the Dilophosaurus doggie-paddle.

Did Dinosaurs Swim?

And that's it for this batch. :)
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