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Friday Night RPG Derailment

Well, that was interesting...

Gaming last night did not go as planned.

Originally, I was going to continue the campaign game of Broken Rooms last night with the Friday night gaming group. However, just as I was literally gettting ready to head out the door to Kathy's house in the west end, the phone rang. Good thing I picked it up, too.

Kathy informed me that she and the other players from the Friday night group had been talking, and had come to a decision. While they really like Broken Rooms, the group has been missing a fantasy roleplaying game for quite some time, and they want to do Shadows of Esteren. Apparently, some of them have been looking at various sites on the 'net and the information available about the game, and they want to do Shadows of Esteren sooner rather than later, and they'd rather play it at the moment than Broken Rooms. So the upshot of it was that Kathy asked me to bring the stuff that I had for Shadows of Esteren with me, and to pick a board game from the collection, and we would play that for the evening while talking all this Esteren and perhaps getting to the start of character generation. Talk about a gaming group giving the orders and making decisions! :)

Anyway, I went down into the den, and picked both Britannia and Pandemic to take with me as board games for the evening, and grabbed up the Shadows of Esteren material that I have.

The long and short of it was that we spent the evening playing first a couple of games of Pandemic (so that my goddaughter could play) and then a 2-1/2 hour long game of Britannia (I had a terrible night as the Jutes and Danes, among others, getting smoked by the Angles and Norwegians!), talking about various aspects of Shadows of Esteren throughout the evening, and getting into a serious discussion of the game around 10:30 pm or so until I left for home around 12:25 pm.

Looks like I'll be starting Shadows of Esteren character generation proper with the Friday night group next weekend. :)
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