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Not Much Ado on a Saturday

Today was a day that was spent pretty much relaxing and taking it as easy as I could.

I spent a part of the day reading some more of the Shadows of Esteren Book 1 - Universe rulebook, and just puttering around the house, doing a bit of laundry, and vacuuming the downstairs part of the house.

Took a break during the afternoon when spross dropped over after work, and we went out to do a bit of grocery shopping. Didn't find the turkey pepperette sticks that I was looking for, but managed to buy some Claussen pickles. We went into Chapters, and I managed to pick up three books that I've been waiting for - Jack McDevitt's Firebird in paperback, Lauren Beukes's Zoo City, and the Gareth Roberts book Doctor Who - Shada: The Lost Adventure of Douglas Adams based on the scripts for the tv serial that never got made. So, a good day of book purchases. :)

I watched the two episodes on PBS of the old English series 'Allo!, 'Allo!</i>, and followed that up with the (half)season finale of Doctor Who, which I shall blog about separately.

Good day, for the most part, but feel like I didn't accomplish much today. Which maybe was the point of it all. :)
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